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What is a Brand?
A brand is the emotional and psychological relationship an entity has with its audience. Strong brands elicit thoughts, emotions, and sometimes physiological responses from an audience. 
What are the benefits of a Brand?
Branding an entity yields both internal and external benefits. Externally, you create an identity that resonates with your audience. You form emotional relationships with your fans. That's important because people don't buy products logically, they buy with their emotions.
Within the entity, a brand serves as an internal compass of focus. If you clearly brand your self, you have an understanding of what you are about. You have a self awareness that dictates your actions.    All decisions, not just marketing, are made in alignment with the brand. Over time, you build a stronger identity.
How do I create a brand?
For starters create a name, You can choose a word that represents you. I recommend choosing a word or words that have a positive and strong significance to you.  Name is everything in branding. It becomes the way people recognize you, something that distinguishes you from the rest. 
Why should I think of my self as a brand?
a "personal brand" is something that distinguishes you from other competing models. Personal branding is understanding what is authentic to you, what differentiates you from everyone else and what makes you relevant and compelling to agencies or bookers making decisions about you.

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