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Keeping your cosmetic products freash is one of the most important things about make up, every time you purchase a product it has a scent, the minute that scent is gone you product is no longer fresh, that means by the time your mascara is clunky, its not old is ancient. it is very important to maintain fresh products for the most expressive part of your body, your face. want to learn more? look out for modern face make up for today, a community seminar brought to you by DH studios Inc @

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Curious about the modeling industry? Want to know more about what to do and what not to do when starting a modeling career? From commercial photography to runway Daniel Hernandez will share with you what sixteen years of experience working Boston, Paris and New York has taught him. The modeling industry has changed significantly in recent years and agencies and independent bookers are looking for more than just America’s Next Top Model. This class will explain the process of making the most of a go-see, how to create a comp card and a basic portfolio. Whether you are looking to learn about the modeling industry in Boston, or just curious about the scene, we will include a database with local modeling agencies, photographers, stylists and makeup artist to help you decide if the next step is for you or not.

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