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An Audience Of One.

what is an audience?

an audience is the group of people you attract with your influence or should we say your brand. Your audience will dictate the power your brand has. It’s easy to get caught up in the race for more people to know your brand and to be more popular, but this is not always the best approach to creating an audience. It is better to have an audience of 1,000 people that will listen to you and even follow your steps, than 10,000 people that come across your brand and then disappear. Developing your audience is the next step after establishing your brand name, and I don't mean establishing it legally, but having a concrete idea of who you are as a brand and what it is you have chosen to sell to your audience.
How do I start my Audience?

Starting an audience is  a lot easier than establishing your brand, but a lot more time-consuming. For starters, you must become very aware of people's feelings about your brand. Nowadays, thanks to social media, it is easier than ever to start developing an audience, but first you need to develop a tactic or method of approach to your audience. As part of this seminar, you will be exercising several techniques of industry approach, as well as social media development that will help you start gathering information about how people perceive your brand and there for create a more efficient audience.

What are you telling your Audience?

I once read a book whose author stated that the number one mistake companies and/or people make is they do not stick to their marketing long enough to see results. At first I thought, in order to attract an audience, you must change your approach constantly in order to stay fresh, even though this may be true in very few cases. You must understand that if you find a technique that works on one person, it will for sure work on someone else. So the perfect approach is to always try to perfect that approach and build on that by revisiting your approach, but not to change it all together too quickly, as every time you do, you will be starting from scratch. Think of Cindy Crawford, who, after conquering the world of skin care thanks to her name, has now entered the world of home decor, utilizing the same face, name and most importantly wholesome natural beautiful look. When I think of her, you I immediately think of that beautiful face with long hair and beauty mark on her upper lip. You will always fail as many or may be  more times than you will win, but all you need is one good approach and stick to it, and you will soon start succeeding. Recently, I was watching a documentary about Donald Trump, and curiously enough, one of the questions he was asked was: Mr. Trump, why is it that even thought you have so much hair, you constantly wear your hair like a toupee? He answered as follows:
“Many times I have been criticized for my hair. But I have developed an empire based on my business approach, and that includes the way I look, so why change it?” I always thought he was ridiculous with the way he wore his hair, but after hearing that, it made complete sense, that even the way you look will impact your Audience.

Communicating with your Audience

As you start developing your audience, you will realize that even though it is crucial to stay in touch with them, it is also not difficult, not to mention extremely easy, to come across as you are trying too hard. Therefore, it is crucial that you develop real relationships with your Audience, and not to simply send them junk that says, “I am just another person trying to get in your face because I am pretty.” This may even mean you actually become extremely knowledgeable about a topic that helps you maintain the interest of your audience. This may be why so many actors and models link themselves to either a cause or a charity. I have chosen to incorporate education in to my Audience-building tactics, because I believe knowledge is power and  if your audience is more knowledgeable, they will make better decisions on what you are selling and, therefore, respect your input on your  field even more, and keep you in mind as an expert wherever they go.

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