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An Outsiders Look at The Insiders Guide to the Modeling Industry

     By: Giuliana Castagnola
Introduce yourself. It's the first session of the Introduction to the Modeling Industry seminar instructed by Daniel Hernandez of DH Studios and though the task sounded easy enough I lose my train of thought midway through and am at a loss of words. As an aspiring fashion journalist I enrolled in the course to broaden my knowledge of the industry. Having never done any professional modeling I had no real idea of what the seminar would be like but I quickly realized the skills it takes to succeed in the modeling industry easily relate to many other fields as well.
The first point made by Hernandez was that as a model you are your brand so essentially you need to learn how to market yourself. You need an introduction that clearly defines what sets you apart from everyone else as well as knowledge on your audience so that you can shape your brand accordingly. It was easy to see why this would be vital for a models success but it also holds true in various careers. As a writer I also need to know my market and brand myself except I am not the product, my writing is.

As an outsider I assumed that the seminar would provide me with a better understanding of the modeling industry but as the course continues I am also learning more about how to further my own career. The class was lucky enough to have the opportunity to talk to an agent and learn more about the business aspect of the industry. It was interesting to learn that the most glamorous couture editorials aren't really where money is made. Higher paying shoots are usually those for ads or catalogs. Besides breaking down what goes on at modeling agencies, general dos and dont's were discussed which again contained tips that are virtually applicable to anyone. This was particularly true with regard to how you present yourself. Personality and passion for your work are extremely important as is catering your look (to a certain extent) to your clients needs. Basically as a model you are constantly interviewing which is why you need to have a concrete idea of your brand as well as the ability to leave a positive impression on people.
Overall the seminar has given me a great overview of various parts and functions of the modeling industry while also providing me with advice applicable to my career path. I am not only learning about the modeling industry but how to market my own skills so that I can work towards my goals as a writer.

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